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As time goes on, keeping you up to date with new products is becoming more important for us and the serious Auto Audiophile and now Auto Video enthusiast.

Eclipse AVN827GA now in stock! | 1st September 2011

The bar has been raised again. I know I said that about the AVN726 but it did back then and its new sibling has almost thrown the bar away.
Almost every conceivable feature or function you could imagine (and some you probably haven't even thought of) are in this unit.
The three key factors for the new Eclipse unit are
High Quality,  Ease of Use and Connectivity.
They hit each nail on the head. Nothing is easier to pair with Bluetooth. Full compatibility with iPhone and does upload iphone phonebook , Off-road Mapping and Voice Control are just a couple of the amazing features in this new unit.
It has retained the built in steering wheel controls plus has an upgraded 7 band Equaliser to enhance the sound quality.
It is very futuristic, talking to the headunit and asking it to take you somewhere, search for a song or dial a contact on your phonebook. This is truly hands free operation.
Extra alerts show school zones and the speed changes at different times of the day. Accuracy is amazing and changed my speed alert within 10 meters of crossing the line in a school zone. You can have just a visual alert or visual and audible alert if required for many road situations and hazards.
Units are in stock NOW!!
This was in my car within hours of landing and cant wait to get back in my car to play with it. This is simply AWESOME!!!!!
Drop in for a demo today!! Kettle is on!!
Soundracer V8, V10 and V12 | 12th May 2011

Did you buy a V6 Commodore and wish you had bought the V8?
Well now you can enjoy the main difference of that V8 sound for only $60!!
No its not a new exhaust .... its the Soundracer FM Transmitter.
This is a crazy but extremely cool piece of work. What is does is simply plug into your cigarette lighter socket and then tunes into an FM station on your radio. It then picks up the revs of the engine from the electrical signal sent through the car from the alternator. So as you rev your car the sound comes though your speakers via your sound system. There are three models, a V8, V10 and V12. Turn your Honda Civic into a Ferrari, a Lamborghini or Clubsport with the flick of a switch.
The unit is also an FM Modulator that will allow you to play portable MP3 players through your stereo if you don't have the option of an auxiliary lead. It is great value for this feature alone!! Add the thrill of feeling like your in a exotic car for less than a tank of fuel.
Units are in stock NOW!!
New ARC Audio XDi amps are almost here! | 12th May 2011

The ARC Audio range of amplifiers have just taken another step forward. Not only have they upped the power output they have also reduced the price!!
There is a 3, 4, 5 channel plus two mono amplifiers. Prices only go from $499 to $649 and that includes the Mono amp which smacks out 1150 watts RMS into a 1 ohm load!!!
The Design. 
* Hybrid Class D output design with discrete Subwoofer output channels (3 & 5 channel designs).
* Hi Frequency switching power supply allows for greater separation from audible listening frequencies increasing sound quality and lowering THD.
* Input inductor power supply isolation protects from unwanted interference in AM/FM reception.
* Ultra Low ESR high capacity power supply storage bank covers potential fluctuations in power demand, increasing the efficiency and sound quality of this chip based design. 
* Phillips Technology chip based Class D technology powers all multi channel XDi amplifiers. Producing little or no heat, XDi amps are extremely flexible in most any sound focused application.
* Embedded protection circuits including - Thermal, Current Limit, Rollback DC Offset, Reverse Polarity and Overvoltage.

Get in now and preorder these amps as they will be flying out the door!!
Mobile Solutions Boot Camp Perth 2011 | 14th April 2011

We have been extremely fortunate to have had Mr Bryan Schmitt from Mobile Solutions USA, run a Car Audio Technical Boot Camp in Perth for members of the Car Audio Masters Group. Most but not all of Alberts Car Stereo stores are CAM members. See the CAM website for details.
After a successful seminar in Brisbane and Melbourne he saved the best till last.
Topics included advanced router techniques, fabrication, fibreglass, system tuning and factory integration.
All of these things we have been doing for many years but Brian has helped us reinvent the wheel.
So all those who want a tricky boot install or need your system tuned, we are now better equipped with new RTA's, Oscilloscopes and phase detectors to ensure your audio system is giving you all it can.
Not all Alberts Stores attended so choose carefully where you go.
Of course there is only one .... Alberts Morley :o)


Rockford 3SIXTY3 is coming | 3rd February 2011

You may have to pre order the much awaited Rockford Fosgate 3SIXTY3.
From all reports this is going to be a must have for anyone wanting the ultimate unit to control and equalize their audio system.

The new generation 3Sixty3 Interactive Signal Processor by Rockford Fosgate offers many exciting upgrades including:

-       8 channels
-       iPod Cable and Bluetooth interface
-       4x DSP horsepower
-       31 band equalizer
-       8 biquads per channel
-       Multichannel mixer for custom channel
-       Channel router for user assignable inputs
-       Output noise gate with hard FET mutes
-       Phase control
-       Delay time
-       Analog Volume control with increased range
-       EZ Setup with a PC
-       Digital remote
-       RFLink interface
-       Digital Input (optical SPDIF)
-       Remote output (selectable delay)
-       Balanced/unbalanced select
-       Improved and more intuitive GUI
-       iPhone and iPad mobile application
-       Field upgradable firmware via USB

The above features give you some idea that it is
an awesome piece of work.
It should be priced around the same price as the 3SIXTY2 but will confirm when it arrives.
This will provide unprecedented sound control of a factory headunit into your amplifiers.
It can be used also with aftermarket headunits and will be connected to my Eclipse AVN726EA the minute it arrives.
There are a couple of youtube videos you can have a look at to get a better idea of what this puppy can do.
Check out part one and two here -
Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Also more info on the Rockford website at


Alpine marine | 23rd October 2010

Alpine Marine CD Tuner CDA118M
The weather has finally broken and is warming up. These warm days with blue skies and light breezes makes you throw the cover off the boat and head to the water. Only to find the old stereo has rusted away over the winter months or spiders and cockroaches have made it their home.
Luckily Alpine have just the fix for you. The new CDA118 fully marine CD/MP3/Tuner to the rescue.
This unit does not need a cover so no more lifting the lid to turn up the volume.
You can also connect your iPod/iPhone as well as being able to play music from your thumbdrive.
Alpine Marine Remote MC-10
If you want control of the stereo from another location, you simply add the MC10 wireless marine remote. This remote control will operate all the functions of the stereo and give you feedback via an LCD display. No more running cables back to the unit. All you need is power and that's it!!
On larger vessels you can even control multiple  zones. You can listen to the radio in the galley and the iPod on the fly bridge at the same time!
WOW!!! Now that is versatility at its best.
Add some Alpine Marine speakers and your done!
This system has been installed on the new Coraline craft used by FishingWA on the series going to air on Chanel 7 this summer. All reports so far from Harry and his crew is now they are a part time party boat as well. He said it is the best system ever installed on any boat they have used. And there have been many. 
Pop in for a look today! Or if you are passing Boat City in Balcatta (where the boat is kept when they are not filming) you can check it out in the boat.
Plus you can have a closer look at the amazing range of Coraline Boats on hand.

Alpine PDX Audiophile Amplifiers | 21st October 2010

Alpine have extended their range of compact digital amplifiers and at the same time have raised the bar. With upgraded components and power supplies the new range sound amazing for a digital amplifier. Super crisp clean sound to drive your speakers to a whole new level.
The added bonus is the new improved amplifiers are the same price as the old models.
The extra added bonus is the older models are still in range and have been reduced in price. Many good reasons to get your hands on a new PDX Alpine amplifer.

Digital Radio | 17th October 2009

Digital radio is here! Along with it some confusion about what it is.
We have people thinking because the radio has a digital display that it is digital radio. Not so.
We also have the issue where you see on current CD Tuners something saying DAB ready, XM digital radio ready or SIRIUS digital radio ready. These are great if you are overseas but the powers that be in Australia thought we should go our own way and have a different system so EVERYTHING currently available WONT work. Thanks guys.
We should see some CD Tuners next year with DAB+ tuners included.
There is one solution though should you be an early adopter and want the latest.
The PURE Highway unit is a DAB+ receiver. It will pick up AM and FM digital radio broadcasts which can be heard through your existing radio using the built in FM modulator. This is not ideal but none the less will work with any factory or after market radio. If you have a unit in the dash that has an aux input you will get better performance by using that method.
This unit sells for $299. We have a special price in store should you mention this article.
More details at their website here!

When is MB Quart not an MB Quart | 30th September 2009

Since the beginning of time, or close enough, the speaker of choice for those who wanted a no compromise, competition winning loud speaker was MB Quart.
Over time things happen with some businesses purchasing names of companies that needed financial assistance.
The same applies in the motor industry like GM selling Hummer to a Chinese company. Now if you roll over your Hummer you will see a little sticker on the bottom saying made in China!
This also happened to our much loved MB Quart. They needed some help financially so along to the rescue an American company Maxsonics. Over time as the Americans do, they think, to heck with making these speakers in Germany, we can get a copy made in China for a fraction of the price. So off they go with the ownership of the MB Quart name (but the ownership of the technology) and try and copy the technology in China. As some websites say "EPIC FAIL"!! Not only do they look fairly ordinary they sound ...... well ..... not good!
As Thomas from the old MB Quart German factory told us, its like making a violin in Switzerland with techniques passed down from one generation to another. You take the violin to China and they can make a copy that will look the same in every way. But try and play it and it will sound like a strangled cat
This is why our much loved MB Quart speakers are now called German Maestro. Yes ... it is taking a while to get our head around the name change but the sound is what we really want.
Summing up if you see MB Quart speakers that are  made in China, leave them alone!
More details on the new German Maestro range at
Monster Cable | 12th September 2009

For many years people have referred to large speaker cable or any hi-end cable as "Monster Cable". When in fact it wasn't Monster Cable at all!!
The Monster Cable brand have always produced cables that do sound better than anything else available in its price range.
The history of Monster Cable started many years ago with the head monster himself Noel Lee. I extremely lucky to meet him and be shown how and why his products worked so well. The only problem was that Australian distributor didn't see the need to bring in the car audio cables and concentrated only the Hi-Fi cables. Until now!
I am grateful to Drew Stibbards who imports all the best brands available in car audio such as Dynaudio, ARC Audio and TRU Technologies to name a few, who is now bringing in Monster Cable for the car.
There isn't many easier ways to upgrade the sound quality of your sound system that installing these cables.
We have a range of Monster Cable RCA leads in stock now!


Alpine Navigation | 28th January 2009

Alpine Navigation system!

It's finally here!!! Yes its true, the unit we have been waiting on for around 15 years has arrived.
The Alpine PMDB100ED is a portable navigation system that can moved from car to car. The trick is that if you have an in dash Alpine DVD screen you can plug in via the supplied accessory kit to the screen and control it from the touch screen. How good is that!! It also comes with an external GPS antenna so the main navigation unit when connected to an Alpine screen can be hidden in the glovebox or out of the way.
So all of you with an Alpine screen in the dash can now have touch screen navigation for only $899.
With the way the dollar is going the price will only go up so be quick!!


Formula Tech Dyno Centre | 21st December 2008

Formula Tech Dyno Centre

To tune or not to tune ....... that is the question!
Well ...... tune it is. I had the pleasure of Meeting Brett Stewart from Formula Tech Dyno Centre today, who pulled out his magic wand (laptop) and weaved some magic on my VZ Clubby. I was amazed how bad my car used to run until it was tuned properly. Not only more power, but how it gets there impressed me the most. Especially in the mid range the engine pulls harder and does it much smoother than before. With a
Kostecki cold air system and Genie Cat back exhaust as the only modifications, Brett's tune squeezed out 361rwhp. Not bad for a stock LS2!! I will keep you posted about the improvement on fuel economy once I have gone through a couple of tanks of BP Ultimate 98. If the expected fuel economy does happen it will be a very tidy bonus.
Having a look around the stable of cars Brett has,  you have to be impressed. He builds, tunes and drives them himself. Not only a Jack of all trades but a master of them as well. He is off on a much earned holiday for most of January but if your  looking for modifications or tuning, make sure you tell him I sent you so I can get some brownie points. The Clubby will be going back for some extractors and high flow cats early next year to enhance the performance and exhaust note. We will report back on the progress.
Check out the website at for more info and contact details.


Eclipse Release Supercat Navigation | 1st November 2007

It is here!! The Eclipse AVN2210p CD/Tuner/Navigation unit has arrived. This is the little brother to the AVN6000. This is for those who didn't need a DVD player in the front of the car, but did want a CD/Tuner with MP3 and Navigation. This is the unit for you plus it has a built in bluetooth phone kit. For those who have a USB thumbdrive you can plug this in via the front USB port also. But wait ..... there's more .... as you can see from the image above the Navigation is a special unit made by by TomTom that docks into the headunit. This is then used as an aditional display for the CD and radio as well as the Navigation. You can simply unclip the TomTom unit and use it as a personal Navi unit with its own built in battery or in another car with the mounting kit and extra power supply. The units Navigation performance is enhanced by the extra GPS antenna and connection to the speed sense wire on the car for greater accuracy. The turn by turn instructions also come from the front right speaker not to interrupt the audio to the passengers while still giving clear instructions to the driver. With a 200watt built in amplifier, three pairs of 5 volt RCA pre amp outputs and a host of other features, this has got to be on the shopping list for most people with a fetish for hi-tech toys.
With a price tag of only $1399 this is the hit model for Eclipse this season.
As with the AVN6000, anyone buying one this month will also have a choice of a GolfingWA series2 DVD or FishingWA DVD as a bonus gift. You will also go in the running to win tickets to the Perth Wildcats home games.
What are you waiting for ..... secure your unit now ...


Alberts Car Stereo Morley and Eclipse to be major sponsor of FishingWA!! | 11th March 2007

With the help of our favourite brand of Car Audio, Eclipse, we at Allberts Car Stereo Morley will become one the major sponsors of one of Perth's most watched TV shows, Fishing Western Australia. There will be competitions to win products at the end of the the series plus some along the way. We have installed an AVN6000 Eclipse DVD/Navigation unit plus reverse camera into the new Toyota Landcruiser that the FishingWA team use to get around our great state. The team agrees it is the easiest and best unit of its type they have ever used. I will also be on the road with the team as part of the crew to offer support and take more photos for the FishingWA magazine and website. The magazine is now bigger and better than ever offering not only fishing but also offroad and camping information. All this in a full gloss magazine loaded with local information to help you enjoy the whole fishing experience in safety is a credit to the FWA Media Team. They will start shooting Episode eight this month so keep an eye out for us on the road. There will also be competitions run via the email newsletter so make sure you subscribe from the homepage of this website today.
As I once said ..... Let FishingWA show you where they are biting and let Alberts Car Stereo Morley make sure you enjoy getting there!!
Eclipse AVN6000 available NOW!! | 11th March 2007 somehow you missed the release of the Eclipse AVN6000 then listen up. This has to be the answer to all our prayers.
This unit is a double din DVD player with dual DVD drives. One is for playing CD or DVD and the other is for DVD Navigation. It also has an AM/FM Tuner, 200watt built in amplifier and three pairs of  pre amp outputs. Combine this with reverse camera capability and full speed iPod control, via the touch screen display (iPod adaptor required), this is one toy that is on my MUST HAVE list. You can also add a digital TV tuner so you don't miss that episode of FishingWA while you are out and about.
And wouldn't you know it .... guess what will take pride of place in the dash of my new VZ Clubsport.
Drop in for a demo of just how easy to use this state of the art DVD/Navigation unit is.
The Eclipse AVN6000 is without doubt the ultimate in car Navigation unit on the market.
Now only $2499. Save $1000. Check out the other bonuses with this unit on the specials page.
Reversing Cameras Save Lives | 11th March 2007

Do you have a Toyota Landcruiser, Prado, Tarago or Camry with the Navigation monitor in the dash? Then we can help you with the REVERSING CAMERA from Eclipse. It plugs straight into the factory screen in the dash and connects to the reverse light wire. So when you select reverse, the camera displays on the in dash screen automatically. No need for reverse sensors when you can actually see what you are doing. Its especially good when reversing up to a trailer or boat. YOU can see when to stop with out getting out of the car or asking for help from the neighbour. The camera is only $399 and can be installed for around $150 depending on the vehicle.
If you drive a Ford BA/BF Falcon or a Ford Territory with a colour screen, we now have the solution for you also. If you have installed an Alpine, Clarion or Eclipse aftermarket DVD Screen then you are also able to install a reverse camera to these units. Once you have used a reverse camera you will wonder how you ever reversed without one. Our thoughts are with those who have lost a child through a driveway accident. There have been far too many of these accidents over the last year or so and we all hope this will stop with the addition of these must have safety devices. For more information email
JHP Vehicle Enhancements | 13th July 2006

As some of you may already know, I have upgraded the VYII 285KW Clubsport for the VZ 297KW Clubsport. And what a weapon it is. When you look at it on paper the specs show only 12 kw of power increase and 20nm of torque which really is nothing to get excited over. Then you plonk your butt in the seat, hit the go fat pedal and hang on. Whooly dooly the LS2 is a whole new animal. It feels like double the horsepower. Truly amazing.
The only things I added was the rip shifter and R8 rims from JHP and the Cat back exhaust from Genie. The exhaust sounds great and added a extra few kilowatts as a bonus. Currently pulling 328hp at the wheels which is not too shabby for a stock LS2.
The only problem with phase one of the upgrade was that no one in Perth could sell me genuine VZ Clubsport R8 rims no matter how much I was prepared to pay. I became quite frustrated and turned to our old friend Google and stumbled across
JHP Vehicle Enhancements in Melbourne. Not only did they sell me the original R8 rims I was after but also the amazing RIP shifter that I was chasing. If you own a Commodore or Monaro of any description and are looking for performance upgrades, get in touch with Phil and the guys who blew me away with their customer service and products.
Check them out at and tell them Grant sent you ;o)

P.S. I should have bought the car from Mike Kennedy at City Motors HSV who could have helped me with all the things that Shacks said were not possible. Sorry Mike .... next time you have got the business. In fact anyone who wants a HSV, you really should call Mike Kennedy for the BEST deal at City Motors Holden!

Atomic Spark Plugs | 13th July 2006

I know we are supposed to sell Car Stereo products but sometimes things come along that make me sit up and take notice.
One of these products is a new spark plug that dramatically improves engine performance in every car we have tried. From my V8 Clubsport to a Honda Accord and Hyundai Accent. All these cars showed substantial improvement in driveability, Power and fuel economy. Drop in for a demo on how these things work. Seeing is believing.
Alberts Car Stereo Morley 2nd Birthday | 30th March 2006

Well it's been two years on the 31st of March that I took over the Alberts Car Stereo Morley store on my own. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all customers and staff for their support over what has been an exciting and memorable couple of years. We all look forward to helping you for many years to come.
To celebrate our birthday I have let the staff loose with the calculator. So no matter what price you get anywhere, you make sure you call in and have one of our legendary cups of coffee and have a chat over your new system at even better prices than ever before.  Everything in store is on sale so get in and help us celebrate and save yourself some serious dollars on your next system.
I even bought myself a present. What just turned up  is a new dual sensor SPL test meter. I will keep you posted when we will run an SPL event on this page so keep on coming back to news at Alberts Car Stereo Morley.

Grant Lauterbach.
GolfingWA | 30th March 2006

As some of you may know, I sometimes get away and take photos for the magazine FishingWA and help crew on the TV show. The same company makes the GolfingWA TV show. I have been recruited to help crew on this show, which has helped me look at some golf courses I didn't even know existed. This season presenters are Bob Harnett and new co-star Drew Dubberlin. If nothing else I am picking up some great tips which has improved my game already. I will post on here when the show is on air so you can check out my handy work on arranging the signs and making sure the guys look their best all the time with my artistic lighting ;o) These guys together with Bobs experience and Drews awesome game play will make this the best season ever. So stay tuned and be prepared to improve your golf game.
As a bonus, Chris Mason from the Altone Golf Course has given me some vouchers to give away to customers. All you have to do is take your receipt from Alberts Car Stereo Morley and the voucher and get 9 holes for only $8.00.
Radar Detectors | 12th March 2006

Bel Radar detectors are still available and are legal to use in Western Australia. Especially now with the 50kmh limit, so if you intend to keep your licence, and from time to time tend to accidentally sneak over the limit, then you will need one of these. The image of the radar detector is changing and is now referred to as a safety warning device. It will now pick up some work crews, Ambulances and other emergency vehicles. I was recently driving down Benara Road past the Lockridge high School and the detector went off saying "Stationary Emergency Vehicle Ahead" and sure enough over the hill about 800 meters away was a tow truck and Ambulance at the scene of an accident. Having advanced warning of road works and accidents has to be a good thing.
Get your radar detector NOW while the Police blitz is on and protect your drivers licence.
Don't forget ... drive safe and enjoy the ride. **NEW** Bel XRSTi radar detectors are now available. New looks and better range on Ka and Laser. If you live in the Eastern States of Australia where they don't like you have these safety devices and have radar detector detectors, we have an answer for you too. The NEW Bel XRSTi radar detector is totally undetectable. It also has the most features and best detection range on the market. Normally $1099 now only $949.
Call or email today for details.
In Car Navigation | 12th March 2006

The latest addition to the list of MUST HAVE gadgets in my car is the Garmin navigation system. I never thought I would use navigation in the car but boy was I wrong. The Garmin takes only seconds to install and is just as easy to use. Just plug it into the cigarette lighter and stick it on the windscreen and that's it. It comes with software and a USB cable so you can update maps via the internet. It covers all of Australia so if you are planning an interstate trip you can take it with you and use it in the hire car at the other end of the trip. You can even buy maps for most countries if travelling overseas. With some Navigation systems costing around $5000 installed in the car, the Garmin is a must have for those who need a little help reading a street directory and are are on a budget. Drop in for a demo and you will be impressed with just how easy In-Car Navigation can be.

Slime | 25th September 2005

A serious safety issue is changing a flat tyre on the side of the road. Drop in and ask about how the Slime Smart Spare can save you time and maybe your life. Can you really be bothered emptying your boot, getting out the spare, jacking up the car and have the risk of getting hit by a passing car. Or would you rather pop out the valve, pour in the slime and sit in the car while the compressor pumps the tyre back up for you. Think about the trailer left on the side of the road or even your parents trying to do the tricky manoeuvre. At only $79 this should be part of your cars first aid kit. More details at
Music Revue | 25th September 2005

Looking for a new CD to buy? If you like an easy listening album, with a few tracks that  make you want to jump on the freeway and drive a little faster with a get out of way sticker on the front of your car. Then you have to check out this album from The Robertson Brothers. You can get more info at  They do a sensational rendition of John Lennon's Imagine even he would be proud of. Support our local talent (yes an Aussie band) and buy the "HERE" CD today.  **NEW NEWS** The boys have just released some new music so keep your eyes out at the record store. News at their website now. These guys have become my daughters and my favourite band.
Cruises | 25th September 2005

Cruises have become a very popular pastime for many clubs and groups these days. Its a great way to get together and show off you car and share information with like minded people. The only problem can be communication with a group on the move, having to stop to pass the word if there is a change of plans.
You can always phone the 50 to 100 people but that is not really an option. What the preferred option would be is to get either a fixed or hand held UHF radio. That way you can chat to the group without running up massive bills on the mobile. Call in to Alberts Morley today to check out the range of UHF communications.
The Hat is Back! | 25th September 2005

It's back!! The all new and improved Alberts Car Stereo Morley hat. Some customers have reported amazing things that have happened to them while wearing the Alberts Morley hat. Just some of the things include - improved golf scores, higher catch rate while fishing, greater attraction to the opposite sex and improved pick up ratio, improved fuel consumption, reduces acne and other skin conditions, improved smile due to improved looks and many more.
These can not be scientifically be proven but buy an Alberts Car Stereo Morley Flexfit hat for only $25  and see how it can change your life as it has for others.
Zymol Premium Car Care | 25th September 2005

We can now even help you look after your pride and joy on the outside! The worlds best car care products are now available from Alberts Car Stereo Morley. Once you have used Zymol polish and car wash, you will never use anything else. It leaves you with that awesome wet look with a shine that looks like you have 100 coats of clear finish on the paint.
Even the feel of the finished panel is so smooth any dust will simply slide off with little effort. The polish and wash also has a fragrance good enough to use as an aftershave. Check it out now at Alberts Morley!! We now have in stock the specific polishes for Porsche and Jaguar.

For more information go to
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