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As time goes on, keeping you up to date with new products is becoming more important for us and the serious Auto Audiophile and now Auto Video enthusiast.

Digital Radio | 4th April 2018

DAB+ Digital radio is here! Along with it some confusion about what it is.
We have people thinking because the radio has a digital display that it is digital radio. Not so.
We also have the issue where you see on some CD Tuners something saying DAB ready, XM digital radio ready or SIRIUS digital radio ready. These are great if you are overseas but the powers that be in Australia thought we should go our own way and have a different system.
Initially I tried DAB+ in my own car and found especially in the North Western suburbs reception was hit and miss. After trying numerous on screen antennas I finally bit the bullet and drilled the roof of the VZ Clubsport and installed a DAB+ and AM/FM combo antenna. WOW!! What a difference.
Pretty much at least doubled the range.
If you want the best digital radio reception (or any type of radio reception) invest in the best antenna you can. You will be glad you did.

Formula Tech Dyno Centre | 4th April 2018

Formula Tech Dyno Centre

To tune or not to tune ....... that is the question!
Well ...... tune it is. I had the pleasure of Meeting Brett Stewart from Formula Tech Dyno Centre today, who pulled out his magic wand (laptop) and weaved some magic on my VZ Clubby. I was amazed how bad my car used to run until it was tuned properly. Not only more power, but how it gets there impressed me the most. Especially in the mid range the engine pulls harder and does it much smoother than before. With a
Kostecki cold air system , Di Filippo extractors and high flow cats. Brett's tune squeezed out 380rwhp. Not bad for a semi stock LS2! I will keep you posted about the improvement on fuel economy once I have gone through a couple of tanks of BP Ultimate 98. If the expected fuel economy does happen it will be a very tidy bonus. (Update) Fuel economy from Mandurah to Kewdale average 8.5 l/100kms. That is ridiculously good for a big V8.
Having a look around the stable of cars Brett has,  you have to be impressed. He builds, tunes and drives them himself. Not only a Jack of all trades but a master of them as well.
If your  looking for modifications or tuning, make sure you tell him I sent you so I can get some brownie points.
Check out the website at for more info and contact details.

Latest update ... I was lucky enough to get one of the very last HSV GTSR from Jason at Gardner Motors in Cannington. Within a week of owning it, it was driven straight to Brett and had the 507 Walkinshaw system upgrade. NOW this is an insane piece of work. Thanks again Brett for a job well done.
Reversing Cameras Save Lives | 4th April 2018

Do you have a Toyota Landcruiser, Prado, Tarago or Camry with the Navigation monitor in the dash? Then we can help you with the REVERSING CAMERA from Eclipse. It plugs straight into the factory screen in the dash and connects to the reverse light wire. So when you select reverse, the camera displays on the in dash screen automatically. No need for reverse sensors when you can actually see what you are doing. Its especially good when reversing up to a trailer or boat. YOU can see when to stop with out getting out of the car or asking for help from the neighbour. The camera is only $399 and can be installed for around $150 depending on the vehicle.
If you drive a Ford BA/BF Falcon or a Ford Territory with a colour screen, we now have the solution for you also. If you have installed an Alpine, Clarion or Eclipse aftermarket DVD Screen then you are also able to install a reverse camera to these units. Once you have used a reverse camera you will wonder how you ever reversed without one. Our thoughts are with those who have lost a child through a driveway accident. There have been far too many of these accidents over the last year or so and we all hope this will stop with the addition of these must have safety devices. For more information email
Grants Car Stereo Morley Birthday | 4th April 2018

Well it's been fourteen years on the 31st of March that I took over the Alberts Car Stereo Morley store on my own Grants Car Stereo. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all customers and staff for their support over what has been an exciting and memorable number of years. We all look forward to helping you for many years to come.
To celebrate our birthday I have let the staff loose with the calculator. So no matter what price you get anywhere, you make sure you call in and have one of our legendary cups of coffee and have a chat over your new system at even better prices than ever before.  Everything in store is on sale so get in and help us celebrate and save yourself some serious dollars on your next system.

Grant Lauterbach.
The Hat is Back! | 4th April 2018

It's back!! The all new and improved Grants Car Stereo Morley hat. Some customers have reported amazing things that have happened to them while wearing the Alberts Morley hat. Just some of the things include - improved golf scores, higher catch rate while fishing, greater attraction to the opposite sex and improved pick up ratio, improved fuel consumption, reduces acne and other skin conditions, improved smile due to improved looks and many more.
These can not be scientifically be proven but buy an Alberts Car Stereo Morley Flexfit hat for only $25  and see how it can change your life as it has for others.


Mobile Solutions Boot Camp Perth 2011 | 14th April 2011

We have been extremely fortunate to have had Mr Bryan Schmitt from Mobile Solutions USA, run a Car Audio Technical Boot Camp in Perth for members of the Car Audio Masters Group. Most but not all of Alberts Car Stereo stores are CAM members. See the CAM website for details.
After a successful seminar in Brisbane and Melbourne he saved the best till last.
Topics included advanced router techniques, fabrication, fibreglass, system tuning and factory integration.
All of these things we have been doing for many years but Brian has helped us reinvent the wheel.
So all those who want a tricky boot install or need your system tuned, we are now better equipped with new RTA's, Oscilloscopes and phase detectors to ensure your audio system is giving you all it can.
Not all stores attended so choose carefully where you go.
Of course there is only one .... Grants Carstereo Morley :o)
Music Revue | 25th September 2005

Looking for a new CD to buy? If you like an easy listening album, with a few tracks that  make you want to jump on the freeway and drive a little faster with a get out of way sticker on the front of your car. Then you have to check out this album from The Robertson Brothers. You can get more info at  They do a sensational rendition of John Lennon's Imagine even he would be proud of. Support our local talent (yes an Aussie band) and buy the "HERE" CD today.  **NEW NEWS** The boys have just released some new music so keep your eyes out at the record store. News at their website now. These guys have become my daughters and my favourite band.

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